Hidetsugu Shimada Knife Collections -01-

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(works&design : M.Fukuda, H.Shimada)

A product that presents the duality of things with a carving of a sage and a reaper on both sides.

Whole size: 190 mm
Blade material: Nickel Damascus
   (Yoichiro Akahori)

 Ornament: Mammoth ivory, impala horn, silver, 18-carat gold, ruby, and emerald
     18-carat gold, ruby, and emerald

Horsehead Hunting Knife [2003]
(works&design : H.Shimada)

This is a product that demonstrates dainty design, which runs from its silver-made horse head to the handle, in addition to its genuine practical usage.

 Size: blade 145 mm
   Blade Material: 440 CP

 handle 115 mm
Handle: Black wood, ebonite, ivory, silver (contains 92.5%)

Ainu Makiri[2004]
(works&design : M.Fukuda, H.Shimada)

A product based on Ainu ceremonial blades.

 Size: blade 148 mm/
Blade material: Damascus carbon steel (Yoichiro Akahori & Tsukasa Hinoura)

 handle 120 mm
Handle: Maple, deerskin, mountain coral, turquoise, glass beads, silver (contains 92.5%)

FAIRY BLADE 2007 [2007]
(works&design : M.Fukuda, H.Shimada)

A blade with an engraving modeled after lamps and figureheads of the Art Nouveau, Art Deco era. The handle was supervised by Shimada.

Size: blade 125mm
Blade material: nickel damascus (Yoichiro Akahori)

 handle 130mm
Handle: Silver (contains 92.5%)

 Ornaments: blue topaz, pink gold, yellow gold