Hidetsugu Shimada Knife Collections11 -02-

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FAIRY BLADE 2008 [2008]
(works&design : M.Fukuda, H.Shimada)

A blade made in continuation from the 2007 product. Its curve showcases breath-taking beauty.

Size: blade 125 mm
Blade material: Bronze alloy and damascus (Tsukasa Hinoura)

 handle 130 mm
Handle: Silver (contains 92.5%) and Ivory

 Ornaments: pink gold, yellow gold, ruby

Tibetan Dagger [2008]
(works&design : M.Fukuda, H.Shimada)

The blade is carved with NC processing machine. The complex shape of combined curved surfaces fascinates you.

Size: blade 155mm
Blade material: ZDA-M

 handle 152mm
Handle material: 18-carat gold, silver (contains 92.5%), black wood,
 diamond, ruby, sapphire, opal

 Ornaments: pink gold, yellow gold, ruby

Eagle Wing [2010]
(works&design : M.Fukuda, H.Shimada)

Hilt made from a combination of brass, bronze, steel, and soft iron. The thin area of the product induces excitement.

Size: blade 185 mm
Blade material: Assab K-100 Carbon Steel

 handle 145 mm
Handle: K18, Silver (contains 92.5%), bronze,
    mammoth ivory, iron wood, turquoise,
    honey horn, black pearl, mountain coral, deerskin

 Hilt material: carbon steel, soft iron, bronze, laminated brass (Shoji Hashimoto)

 Spike (Claw) material: laminated carbon steel (Tsukasa Hinoura)

白牙銀銅装柄浴衣乙女ノ小刀[Hakuge gindousou tsuka yukata otome no kogatana] (Fairy Blade “Japanesk”) [2011]
(works&design : M.Fukuda, H.Shimada)

The 2011 version of the Fairy Blade series is a knife that emphasizes "Tradition Japan." The sensation of the black hair, the beauty and the expression of the maiden, and the contrast between the knife and the maiden catch one's eyes.

Size: blade 85 mm, edge length 135 mm
Blade Material: damascus steel alloy (Tsukasa Hinoura)

 handle 150 mm
Handle: Silver (contains 92.5%), red bronze, alloy of three parts of copper and one of silver, Ivory